Match Kit

For U11 teams we have black and green skorts and tops which are given out at the beginning of the season . You are welcome to wear a black skin and/or leggings underneath for warmth but please make sure that they are black.

For U13sU15s and U16’s we have recently purchased (through sponsorship from Cotswold Wildlife Park) green and white dresses. Again, you are welcome to wear a black skin underneath and shorts or leggings are definitely recommended for the dresses as, unlike the skorts, they do not have shorts built in and are quite short!

For both sets of kit, the girls will be given a set at the start of the season, which they will need to sign for. They will be responsible for the washing and safeguarding of this kit which will need to be returned at the end of the season.

Back of Hoodies

Many girls have bought our hoodies to wear while warming up at matches/ training. They are personalised with a name/ nickname on the back and have the clubs logo on the front. The cost for Hoodies is £15 for adult and £12 for children (up to age 13),  (most members brought Small or X Small adults last time). If you would like to order a hoodie then please speak to Janice.